Province History

Past Province Epsilon Archon Dan Gladding with the 2003-2005 Supreme Council & Tri-Board Members on the front steps of Alabama (Mother) Mu
  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon is divided into geographic regions, known as provinces. Each province is responsible for the oversight of a number of chapters, colonies, interest groups and alumni associations. This province, Province Epsilon, currently encompasses the State of Alabama and the western panhandle of Florida.

  • A province is governed by a Province Council, which is made up of a group of alumni and collegiate volunteers who interface between the various chapters, collegiate institutions, alumni advisory groups associated with the chapters (chapter advisor, alumni advisory board, house corporation and/or alumni association) and the Fraternity Service Center or FSC (National Office). The ultimate governance of the fraternity is vested in the biennial Fraternity Convention and administered between conventions by a group of five senior volunteers, known as the Supreme Council, working together with an Executive Director (Eminent Supreme Recorder or ESR) and paid staff of about 30.

  • In July of 2005, following the 149th Nashville Fraternity Convention, and at the direction of the Supreme Council, the ESR strategically divided the United States into eight regions (named after each of our eight Founders) and placed an FSC staff member (known as a Regional Director) within the region to provide a better level of continuity and service and to act as a liaison with the collegiate chapters, host institutions, Province Councils and volunteer staff network. Province Epsilon is located in the DeVotie Region which includes the southern states of Alabama, Florida (western panhandle only), Louisianna, Mississippi and Tennessee.

  • Province Epsilon once encompassed the states of Alabama, Florida and Georgia. In the late 1970's, due to growth and expansion within the fraternity, the State of Florida split off from Province Epsilon and formed a new province, Province Nu-Epsilon. Similarly, in 2003, a decision was made to consider additional redistricting due to an aggressive goal from the FSC and Supreme Council to escallate expansion efforts throughout the fraternity. To that end, an affirmative vote was taken from the fraternity's overall membership in the Fall of 2003, and the State of Georgia was authorized to split off from Province Epsilon and form a new province, Province Epsilon-Alpha. In May of 2006, at the recommendation and approval of the province councils in Province Epsilon and Province Nu-Epsilon, the Supreme Council voted to return the western Florida panhandle to Province Epsilon.

  • Today, Province Epsilon has five active chapters, one active colony, three dormant chapters, and 12* alumni associations. It is proud to be the province containing the Mother Chapter, Alabama Mu, at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. It is even more proud to have hosted the fraternity's 150th Anniversary Celebration, or Sesquicentennial, on March 9 - 11, 2006. Over 800 collegiate members, alumni and guests came back to where it all began in 1856.

  • Near term goals (ten years or less) include expansion or re-chartering into at least two additional institutions. The success of the province lies within the core group of alumni volunteers who work in concert with the collegiate chapter officers in partnership on a day-to-day basis. This partnership perpetuates the growth of the province and nurtures the principles for which our fraternity was founded over 157 years ago.

* one currently under development
Province Epsilon of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity
1548 Pelican Point Dr.
Cantonment, Florida 32533